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My Life Interpreted is a book of 99 reflections that help you dissect and interpret your life.  Each message provides eye opening interpretations of daily life challenges. You may not realize what a well-made bed can teach you about a career choice, or an adjective can tell you about your family, but every aspect of your life is designed to help you interpret it. My Life Interpreted gives you real life examples and tools to help you finally figure out what your life is trying to tell you.

While messages cover popular topics such as relationships, finance, aging, loss, family issues and spirituality, the platform is LIFE –Every aspect of it. Every experience of it. Each message can be used as a meditation – you pause, recognize and reflect on the parallels in your life.  My Life Interpreted will compel you to take a deeper look at your life by looking at the surface.

‘Every once in a while a book comes along and hits a nerve, make you smile, makes you think, gets you confused, amused, goes way left field but somehow always makes perfect sense. Reading My Life Interpreted is like looking into the mirror of my life and having one “Ah-ha!” moment after another.’ – Yasmin Noel-Dirks

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