Being Comfortable With Discomfort

We hate being uncomfortable. When our lives are thrown off balance, we do anything to get back to ‘normal’. Discomfort makes us feel inadequate. Our value seems diminished because we are unable to do what we are used to, so we scramble for the familiar. We rush to diet, we medicate ourselves, we accept mediocre jobs and allow ourselves to be taken advantage of, in search of …. ‘comfortable’.

But what if we could be comfortable with discomfort? What if we allowed ourselves to hurt and feel inadequate? What if we just sit with discomfort for a while and allowed the pain to lead us to introspection and direction? What if ‘discomfort’ isn’t the monster that we believe it to be?

Discomfort allows us to see life through different lens. We have no choice but to think outside the box because we are ‘outside’. We express our vulnerabilities and search our souls for answers because the familiar can’t be trusted anymore.

But surely if you can be thrown into discomfort from being comfortable then rest assured you can be led back to comfort through your discomfort. You see, sitting in discomfort forces you to trust life. You allow yourself to be guided by your intuition. You explore new opportunities. You appreciate the value and the lessons of your discomfort. Until… discomfort becomes comfortable. Another state of being. And comfort and discomfort dissolve into each other as the ebb and flow or life. But by then, you’re equipped to ride the wave.

So don’t be afraid to give in.

Life is short… Get comfortable with discomfort.

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