Childhood Memories

When I look back on my childhood, I realize that the memories I cherish the most are those between five and twelve years old. I’ve realized that even though I have great memories of my teens, the childhood memories closest to my heart took place somewhere around my pre-teen years. Because of this, I am very conscious of the memories that we are creating for our daughter. Especially as she is an only child.

As much as I had many siblings growing up, we didn’t have dedicated family activities until our adult years. Growing up, our sex and age differences usually saw us enjoying varied activities. This may sound strange but two of my fondest childhood memories, are of all 6, then 7, then 8 of us gathering around the television to watch ’60 Minutes’ on a Sunday evening. And we looked forward to it too. Lorne Green’s New Wilderness also brought all of us huddled together on the living room floor. We never sat on the chairs during these shows, we needed to be together somehow, on the same level, to share the fascination.

Whenever I close my eyes and try to remember the joys of my childhood, I keep going back home. Playing games with my brothers in the yard, reading books to my baby brothers and sister, picking up the leaves from my grandmother’s lawn next door, and sneaking to her house for coffee every morning.

Lately, I’ve been wondering what my daughter’s memories of her childhood will be when she grows up. ‘Family Time’, ‘Mummy – Daughter’, and Daddy – Daughter’ time are daily calendar appointments at our house. And though we also make time for a trip to the country side, time with cousins, time with friends, travel and other fun events, I know that time spent at home will probably leave the deepest imprints.

I find myself constantly telling my daughter that memories are created every day.  And that she should cherish every moment, because many of these will lead to the most amazing childhood memories.

Life is short… Make your life a well of incredible memories!

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