A friend was complaining recently about all the stress she was under, with the kids, work and managing a household. An older gentleman turned to her and said, ‘Get help’.
She looked at him as if he was in a dream world; Like it is so easy for her to ‘get help’ with work, find money to ‘get help’ at home and just find help whenever she needed it. She sighed and waved him off.

But he was right.

So many of us are losing our health, our sense of self and slowly, our sanity. Life is burying us.  And even when it becomes glaringly clear that we really are unable to cope, we are too caught up in the quicksand of life.  So we keep moving and we keep sinking. And when an old wise man asks us to get help, we dismiss him. Because getting help would mean sacrificing our pride, our money, our lifestyle, our privacy. Getting help would mean sifting through the quicksand and deciding what our priorities really are. Getting help would mean opening up our lives to someone else and deciding exactly who we feel comfortable enough with to help us; A coworker, a friend, a professional, family…

Most times, our pride tells us that getting help is an admission of failure; That we are unable to handle the pressures of being a mother, a wife and career woman.  Asking for help makes us feel inadequate. Makes us feel selfish, because getting help conversely means that we have finally shifted the focus to ourselves.  That we have made ourselves the priority in our life.

Which is precisely what we should do. Happy wife, happy life. Happy mom, happy kids.

Life is short… Stop overriding the things that you want to do, with the obligations that weigh you down. Get the best of both worlds. Get help.

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