Sleeping Single

I read once that the fetal position is the most popular way of sleeping for single females. It must be true, because I’ve grown so comfortable sleeping that way that it has become difficult for me to fall asleep differently.

Sleeping alone can be quite lonely. You get used to it, but you still miss the comfort of a partner. Most times when I’m cold and/or lonely, the arms of God can provide comfort, but not intimacy. In more ways than one, we all crave that personal touch.

Sharing your heart and life with someone is the bravest thing you will ever do. When you allow another person into your private thoughts and fears, they gently nest somewhere in the most guarded part of your heart. And as their habits and nuances crawl into your physical space, suddenly they become a part of your life, and of you.

When you fall in love, sharing your bed is easy. It’s the giving up of the pieces of your heart and life that really challenges you. It is a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Growth and Expansion. You no longer see yourself as a single entity. You begin to realize that someone else is part of you. And you want to bring more love into that union. So, a family is started, and you see that not only are you part of a family, but a community, a country, and alas, the great big world out there.

Love, is in essence, the foundation of oneness.

It’s funny, that this revelation came to me while curling up into a fetal position, tugging at the covers, sending out a dreamy message to my future partner… Sleeping single, I will wait for you…

Life is short… and it is filled with love. Grab some, give some… enjoy some!

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