This is 40

Every decade is a milestone, but turning 40 is a game changer. It suddenly hits you that more than likely, half of your life is gone. In a couple of years, (if you have not begun experiencing it already) a midlife crisis is inevitable.

Your parents, if they are still with you, are over 60 and perhaps in failing health. You now feel more pressure to spend time with them, but you also need to spend time with your growing children and partner. Work also demands your attention, so you feel frustrated that you can’t satisfy your professional ambitions while giving enough attention to your family.

At 40, you develop empathy for your parents because you suddenly realize that they were probably just as confused about life, marriage, and kids as you are now. And they most likely had the same struggles that you do.

Greying, thinning hair, balding and early menopause, become real issues, but nothing is more important than finding your true self. Being Happy. The realization that time is dwindling puts an urgency on personal happiness and accomplishing, (or setting) real life goals.  Because even more frightening than death, is getting to the end of your life with a bucket of regrets and unfulfilled wishes.

A decade goes by so quickly. Only yesterday I was thirty. Tomorrow, I’ll be celebrating fifty. Pretty soon, sixty will be round the corner and I’ll be attending the funerals of my friends and colleagues until it’s time for mine.

But I’m gonna enjoy the ride because age is just a number. Perhaps for many, conscious living begins at 40. But whatever your age, you can always begin to live fully in this present moment. Now. After all, what’s 40 years but an infinite amount of ‘now’s.

The old saying from the Sanskrit rings true. ‘Yesterday is already a dream and tomorrow only a vision. But today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope.’

Life is short… Fill it up with infinite moments of bliss!

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