To Forgive or Not to Forgive

What does forgiveness really mean?

If someone hurts you really, really badly but your life changed for the better because of it, do they need to be forgiven for what they did?

Forgiving them for what they ‘did’ is saying that they should not have done it.  Or in other words they should not have been themselves. You are saying that there is something wrong with who they are because they did something that displeased or hurt you.

Chew on this for a minute.

(Now, I know we can open up a whole psychological debate about what is right and what is wrong and what is normal and what is not. I also know that rape, incest and murder can make a strong argument here, but again, we can’t hate people for who they are.  People will always express themselves as they were divinely meant to. Let us accept that.)

When you were a kid, didn’t your parents’ disciplinary actions make you more obedient? Did you have to ‘forgive’ them for it later?  There are many incidents in our lives where the actions of others may have been interpreted as hurtful but as with every experience, they shaped our lives. And while we may not particularly want to thank some people for their actions, many of us recognize how much better our lives have turned out because of them.

So what does Forgiveness mean? For me, forgiveness is ‘Releasing the hold that the actions of another has on you; thereby releasing the hurt that they caused you.’

Stop believing that what someone ‘did to you’ was wrong.  When we have seemingly horrible experiences in our lives they are brought to us for a reason. The focus should be on developing our character and loving ourselves past our pain.

Life is short… Forgive it.

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