What Would Love Do?

In our quest for spiritual enlightenment, we get so caught up in achieving our dreams or figuring out our purpose in life, that many of us forget our core reason for being. In a recent documentary, Deepak Chopra suggested that perhaps instead, it may be better to ask ourselves how we can be more loving or giving.

And so the following day, from the moment I woke up, I began to ask; how can I love, what can I give, or, what would love do? And the answers kept coming, so I kept asking. And as I looked at the sink filled with dirty dishes that morning, I asked myself, what would love do? And I took a deep breath and decided that love would be grateful for the food that was just eaten. Love would appreciate the people who ate the food. And now love has given me the perfect opportunity to give my undivided attention to washing the dishes, and meditate on the fact that I have a loving family whom I am healthy enough to take care of.

And in the supermarket parking lot, when a vagrant asked me for money to buy food. I asked myself. How can I love? What can I give? So I decided to admire his courage to approach everyone, no matter how they treated him. And I also gave him some change, a smile, light conversation and warmth, thinking only that he would buy something to eat with the money that I gave him and that he would also remember that I treated him with kindness.  

Inside the supermarket, when a lady cut me off at the deli, I asked myself, what would love do?  How can I love? What can I give? So I gave her a disapproving eye, and I loudly announced that I was next, because love is not a pushover.

And in the evening when my husband wanted my attention, after I had just sat down after a long day of work and errands, I asked myself, how can I love? What can I give? What would love do? So I gave myself a long bath. And I decided to love the husband who was home with me and actually wanted my affection.

These three little questions always shifted my focus to the present moment. Somehow choosing the path of love was always more satisfying, more peaceful. I had no choice but to live in love, because it was always the right thing to do. I became more objective, the pace of my day slowed. I felt ease and a deep sense of joy with even the most mundane tasks. I realized that I was becoming that which I was expressing. That, which is at the core of who I am… Love.

Life is short… Love is who you are. Express it.

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